Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 10th-14th

Happy Birthday March Babies!

  • 3/2 Diana Adkins
  • 3/14 Lynsey Greenlee and Donna Cannon
  • 3/24 Mary Winterhalder

Family Affairs-I have spoken to Cheryl and she is at home and recovering.  She was able to come home on Friday.  She sends her regards to everyone and will begin her physical therapy this week. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I hope that everyone has power in their homes and fared well during our sleet storm.  My family was without power for about 30 hours. I was very happy when it came back on!  

WSSU - Spring 2014 Early Field Placements (10 total hours)

The following teachers will have WSSU students in their rooms for observation as part of their field experience. I believe that they can pitch in and assist as needed. They have requested specific grade placements.  If you have questions, please see me.
Lisa O'Brien-Jasmyne Boyd
Brooke Hough-Kara Clarkson
Skye Dorsett-Shannon Lee
Melissa Baccari-Lindsey McDonald
Ann Farthing-Kevin Gary

CWT objectives will remain the same (Objectives 2 and 4) due to lost school days. We will continue until March 28th.  We will then send out reports and Action Plan Questions.

Congratulations to Beth Sapp who will be representing our school as a Promise Award Nominee. We are very proud of her!  The winners will be announced at the STAY Banquet on April 14th.

Important Notes and Updates:

If you need to be on the Agenda for Tuesday's faculty meeting, shoot me an email.  Please make sure that I have your tentative Retention list and that you have set up a conference to discuss student progress with parent.  This is key.  By putting a student on the list at this time, you are stating that this child is a possibility for retention based on performance as of this time in the year, it certainly does not mean they will be retained.

  • 3/11-Faculty Meeting at 3:10-We will work in Data Groups for CNA
  • 3/18-All CNA Data due
Please make sure your newsletters have been turned in, and your PEPs are up to date.

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