Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Into October 20-25, 2013

It's Time for the BOOK FAIR!!!

Ms. Batten has been working very hard to get the Book Fair set up and ready to go. She gave out prizes to the 3 teachers who previewed her Book Fair. I hope that you all will get in there to see all of the hard work that went into the set up of the fair.  There are some great books! The fair will not be in the Media Center but in Room 202, the old band room.  We made this decision as it will be better contained and easier to manage and the media center can still house classes.  Book Fair will be open all week.  Make sure you see Ms. Batten to sign up:)

Picture Day is on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dr. Frazier has sent out an updated picture schedule so be sure to check it to make sure you're there and ready to go. Just one class being late can throw off the picture and lunch schedule.Please remind students on Monday so they can look their best:) There will be two photographers.  

Classroom Observations are in Full Swing:)

Dr. Frazier and I are conducting classroom observations. Star 3 Evaluations are also being conducted.
Remember that the CWT Focus has changed to Focus on the Learner.  We will still check for EQs.  We have been noticing that not everyone is calling attention to the EQ and then revisiting it after the lesson.  The EQ is something the children should be familiar with and know where to find in the room if asked.


  • 10/23-Wear RED day
  • 10/24 Reading EOQ
  • 10/28 Math EOQ
  • 10/29 Science EOQ
  • End of Quarter 10/31 (Next Thursday)

Kim Underwood will interview Spencer Ballus this Tuesday at 3:00 to showcase his Eagle Scout Project.  If your class would like to make a thank you card for Spencer, I will be sure he gets it on Tuesday:)

Look at these Great Bulletin Boards I discovered! Remember that it is time to change your boards at the end of this month. Make sure your boards match a common core standard and they contain some student work. 

Yes, yes, I know these bulletin boards are sideways!  I couldn't get blogger to flip them.  It is probably an operator error:) There were many other boards that I saw in both buildings that were outstanding and I will publish them as soon as I figure out out to rotate the pictures.  I probably have to rotate them on my phone before I put them in the blog with no editing components.  I am trying:)  Love Technology!

Fall Festival is Friday!  Get Involved and Assist:)

Newsletters are due on the 31st. Remember to have your newsletter translated before you give it to us for approval.  You have to allow plenty of time for translation.

WEAR RED-Red Ribbon Week Celebration is October 23-31

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated October 23-31 with a focus on "Taking a Stand Against Cyberbullying" and "Say NO to Drugs".  We would like everyone to wear RED on Wednesday 10/23.  Please pass information on to your students and if you need any questions answered, please ask Linda Studevent:)  Display your red ribbons on your door or in your classrooms through October 31.

Parent Resource Room Opened to Standing Room Only Crowd!

The first Parent Session was held last week and facilitated by Ms. Barger and Nurse Hall.  The topic was "Being an Advocate for your child".  They did an outstanding job going over key points for parents. The room was packed and we were thrilled. Thank you to Suzanne for planning the event and Mr. T. for translating.

Coming Up.....

  • Report Cards due November 5th at 3:00 (K-2 Cannon & 3-5 Frazier)
  • Remember all grades levels need to plan to meet with Robyn Varga during you planning or LTM time on November 4th. Please make sure you mark your calendars and plan accordingly.  You can meet in your grade chair's room. We will have her here all day in order to train all grade levels in Rti. PEPs will be a topic that you can ask questions about.
  • Faculty Meeting on November 12 and Report Cards go Home that day
  • You should hold any needed Parent Conferences and PEP sign off conferences the week of November 17th or any time before that.  It is essential that you follow PEPs and create them for students in need. Parents are a big part of the process:)  
  • November 11-No School for Veteran's Day

Reflection from the "Lead Learner":

This weekend I have done some Reflection on Why I do What I do and Why you do What you do.  Goodness knows, we have very challenging jobs and very busy schedules.  We are teachers, moms and dads, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and on and on.  I have come to the conclusion that it is about dedication, devotion and a passion for the profession. I find this especially true when I am coaching teachers. It is one of my favorite parts of the job.  My job is really broken down into two areas. They are Management and Leadership.  Some might think they are the same but they are very different.  You all are both managers and leaders as well.  You Manage by planning, organizing, problem-solving and attending to the daily tasks of being a teacher.  However, you LEAD by example, establishing direction, and building and sustaining relationships. You lead by making every student feel valued and important and leaving no doubt in their minds that they "will" learn. I am consistently trying to inspire, motivate and energize not only you but the students.  I hope that I am succeeding. We have all been working through change and I am so impressed with the amount of shared leadership that has resulted from the change. I feel we truly are a team.  I would like you to leave me a comment on the blog as to your feelings about teacher empowerment at our school and your role as a leader.  Granted, many of you are emergent leaders because you are new to our school or to teaching and haven't quite gotten your feet wet in the leadership pool. OR leave me a comment about why you do what you do. OR any thoughts you have on how I could be an even better leader.  Diggs-Latham and all that entails is my heart. I believe in you and I believe in our students. I am also thankful for all of our volunteers, sponsors, coaches, PTA, local churches, business partners, neighbors, and colleges and universities who believe in us as well. Have a wonderful week, it will be another busy one!   Donna


  1. I am anxious to hear your professional reflections on one of the three topics I proposed under "Reflections of the Lead Learner". I would love to see a response from everyone:)

  2. I just want to comment that I am so very impressed with the teachers in our building. They are working so hard to make sure our students are learning every minute of every day.

  3. Thanks Connie! We appreciate all you do for us to make us even better!

  4. I think we have so many wonderful leaders at Diggs-Latham. I couldn't have asked for a better school to be a part of. Our school is full of hard workers and people who are always willing to help. It's nice to come to work when you're part of such a welcoming and supportive faculty.

  5. Good reflections, Mrs. Cannon. I do what I do because I think every child has great potential and ever child needs to have people that believe in them. I challenge myself daily to be an example and model that will hopefully help propel our students to excel and to see themselves as valuable and important.
    Have a great week!

  6. I believe all students can learn. As teachers we must find the spark to push them beyond what they ever thought possible for themselves. In doing that, we as teachers, shape the leaders of tomorrow. I love what I do!!

  7. I, too, believe all students can learn. I got into teaching to make a difference in a child's life. My favorite thing is that moment when their face lights up because they "got it". That makes all the long hours planning, meeting, reading, copying, and yes, laminating and cutting (!) worth every second.

  8. I too believe that all students can learn. Teaching HI children is my passion. I want to give them the skills they need to be successful in the mainstream classroom and in life as well. My favorite thing is also the light bulb moments or the Ah Ha moments when a child finally gets it. We often don't realize the impact that we have on our students and families! That is why what we do is so important and worth all the time that we put in doing the things we do!

  9. I think we are very fortunate for all of the support we have for this school no matter where it comes from. Be it from universities, churches, businesses, local community, and especially the family who support the dedication and hard working lifestyle of a teacher.

  10. I really appreciate working with a group of people that make it so easy to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. I have been reluctant to translate because I feel that my Spanish is inadequate, especially in the presence of native speakers. Our staff has been very supportive and even the parents have been encouraging to me, and giving me the confidence I need to assist our school in this way. My heart goes out to our LEP students and their parents each time I have to speak, listen, and understand in another language. I feel just a tiny bit of the pressure that our students feel all day, every day in our school, and it makes me even more determined to reach out to them and their families. This is why I do what I do, and why I love being an ESL teacher.

  11. I teach because I believe kinesthetic learning can be a savior for our students who struggle academically. There is so much that can be translated into movement and so much joy that can be found in developing motor skills and strength in young students. It astounds me how much progress our students have made in dance/theatre in the past 2 years. It is my goal as a "leader" to obtain a Masters in Arts Integration and be an advocate for the incredible arts program/and insanely talented arts teachers we have at this great school.

  12. All children are learners, but what kind of learning is best suited for each of our students? Each night before I sleep I ask myself a million questions about what I have planned for the following day. Am I offering the best to each student? Have I planned in a way that each students will reach their potential? Dedication, love of learning and faith are the reasons that I continue to teach. There are times that these virtues are tested. Overall, it is the love and faith in the students as well as a staff that is like family that makes me continue to do what I do each day.

  13. Awesome post Kristi. Helping each child reach their potential is a full time job:) Keep up the faith and keep doing what you do. You do make a difference. Keep differentiating and challenging your students. Thank you for your dedication.