Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Update from the Lead Learner:) September 30th-October 4th

Hanes Brand's Day of Caring at Diggs-Latham!  We're so appreciative!

Reflections from the Principal's Desk!

Do you know when you have those days when you say to yourself, "I am so blessed that I am a teacher!"? Well, I have been having the "I am so blessed to be the Principal of Diggs-Latham Days...Everyday!"  Granted all my days are not perfect, but I just have to say that you all are amazing and I am so proud of you.  We have gone through a lot of transformations and the results are really showing.  I see happy students, teachers and staff everywhere.  I know you must be so tired as you navigate your day but you don't show it and you never let on to the children.  Thank you.  Remember, we have visitors, interns, student-teachers, parents, community members and WSFCS employees in our building on a daily basis. We are the face of our school so we always have to remember that people are looking up to us, listening to how we relate to and talk to children.  Continue to put your best foot forward:) We want our school to be known as an orderly safe place where we respect each other. We want our school to be just what it is, a happy place to learn!  You can definitely have fun and learn the standards at the same time, I see it happening everyday.  

Hanes Brand's Employees Share Their Talents!

About 25 employees of Hanes Brands came out to plant pansies and mums, help in the media center and weed the vegetable garden.  They paid for all the materials and we are so grateful.  The grounds look awesome!  We are so proud.  Please point the new flowers out to the children and make a point to say these were all volunteers who care about Diggs-Latham.

A Good Friend Retires-Good-Bye Susan Kimball

I spent 8-9 years teaching at Moore Magnet School as a 3rd Grade AG teacher before I moved into Administration.  I had 2 colleagues that also taught AG. Susan Kimball and Laurie Rhodes were and still are the kind of teacher that everyone wants to be; smart, creative, funny and engaging with their students.  They were also great mentors to me. I learned a lot from both of them. Most importantly, we laughed, supported each other during hard times and learned a lot of new stuff together.  Today will be Susan's last day of work after 25+ years.  I give this information to you because our theme is all about relationships.  You are making them now with your colleagues.  Are you a team player? Do you believe in our mission and vision?  Do you offer encouragement, support and humor when you can?  All of these things are important. You will make life-long friends if you let yourself be a friend and return the favor.  I am so proud of both my former colleagues.  I'll be joining Susan in another 6 years or so.....maybe..., I do love what I do!  Life is all about Relationships! You can choose to work together as a team or apart in a silo. I know my choice!

Important Information

  • By now, everyone should have completed their Self-Assessment, Signed of on Orientation Date and completed your PDP ready for review.  Today is the deadline.  If you need help, see me or Dr. Frazier.
  • All newsletters should also be turned in today to administrators.
  • Bookworms Meeting is today at 9:00
  • Tomorrow is Mid-Term:)
  • Parent Resource Room will open up October 1
  • Literacy Night is Thursday-Pizza served by Home Moravian at 5:30/Please turn in RSVPs to the office so we will know how many pizzas we will need.
  • Volunteer Orientation is Friday Morning from 9-10:30/Thank you Dr.Madison
  • Spencer Ballus will start putting up Arts sculpture and beautifying our campus on Sunday.
  • United Way Campaign starts the week of October 6th
  • ITBS the week of the 6th as well
  • Faculty Meeting the 8th -If you need to be on the agenda, please email me.
  • "It Takes A Village" tutoring starts on the 9th
  • October 11-Percussion Ensemble at 10:15 Grades 4 and 5.
  • Picture Day -October 22nd.
  • Fall Festival and Multi-cultural celebration October 25th
  • Please join PTA $5. We need 100% from our faculty and staff.  Please step up.  We are working to be strong to help our kids.
  • Book Fair is the week of Fall Festival:)

If you read this far, HOORAY! Everyone....Please leave me a comment about good things you have seen happening here at DL since the beginning of school. They can be positive comments about colleagues, lessons you've seen or done, random acts of kindness, collaboration, humor or support given to you.  You can be as creative as you like!  If you want to leave a comment, click on the no comments link or as a reply.


  1. I will write the first comment, I would like to compliment, Dr. Frazier for always being calm and collected when engaging students concerning discipline. She always listens to all sides and makes the very best decision possible. She respects students and they respect her! Way to go Dr. Frazier.

    1. I would like to thank Mr. T for always being there when I have needed him to translate for me and my families and helping me get better with the limited Spanish that I know!

    2. I also want to says thanks for all the support from my awesome team mates Marie and Megan! Marie has a different role this year with our students and Megan is new to our classroom but we have really come together and have made an awesome team. Thanks for all you do!

    3. Oops I meant Maria! Sorry I replied in the wrong spot.

  2. I have to enter a second comment to all my faculty and staff. In the midst of all we have to do, you all are holding steady and doing an incredible job teaching our children. While doing walk-throughs last week, I saw incredible teaching and learning taking place. I saw support team interventionists focused on helping small groups of children. Not a minute was wasted. You all are awesome!

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  4. I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me to Diggs-Latham. The first grade team is awesome and we are learning and growing together. We had so many awesome parents send donations for apple week. Thanks for making it a huge success for our students!

  5. A BIG thank you to Mrs. Simmons for all that she does for our "sick" children. She has certainly become an asset for many of us.

  6. I'd like to thank Mrs. Hall for never turning away us staff with our health issues, questions or concerns! THANK YOU!

    I am also very excited and proud to see Hartman/Lewis' class walking in a wonderful line now without the rings at dismissal! :)

  7. Thank you to everyone at Diggs-Latham for making my first few weeks so excellent!

  8. Thank you Mrs. Cannon for the really nice comment. :)
    I want to thank all of the assistants and other staff that help us in the morning by making sure that the Cafeteria and the Gym are well supervised. It's not easy watching that many students and making sure that they get to class on time. Thank you!

  9. I can hardly believe it is already October, but we have all been working hard and staying on the go.

    Look for the Dixie Classic Fair Art Exhibit to be back in the building next week for everyone to see.